Open Letter   – Injustice of the Innocence

Open Letter   - Injustice of the Innocence

Yunique Acosta, Staff Writer


To the people,

Did you know that approximately 600,000 to even 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every single year? Mind you, 80% of them are women and even half are innocent children. The average age where a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. alone, is about 12 to even 14-years-old. Many victims of sex trafficking are runaway teens who were sexually abused as children. This all must come to an end. Of course we can’t demolish human trafficking as much as we would want to, but we can prevent it from frequently happening. The violence and the injustice of human trafficking of innocent boys and girls and even adults is not fair. Their stories must be heard and understood. Victims must have their justice and shall not be punished for self defense nor shamed for the lifestyle that was taught and conditioned them. We must take charge and and address and spread much more awareness of this serious and ongoing issue.

For instance, the most recent and significant case that was heard from all over, the Cyntoia Brown’s case. Cyntoia Brown is a victim of sex trafficking at the age of 16. The man that had solicited her for sex was murdered by the young teen out of self defense. Despite the fact that she was an innocent child that was forced to live that lifestyle, she was charged with murder and many other counts. She was sentenced to 51 years in prison to be served before even being eligible for possible parole or release. That was an unfair trial and justice was not served. Her sentencing was indeed, unconstitutional according to a quote dated back to 2012, that a life sentence without parole for minors is injustice. The fact that that man had no business even being in physical and sexual contact with a minor is not okay, for his intentions were only for pleasure and lust. There’s a high possibility that he most likely wanted to dispose any evidence that he was indeed, involved with a minor. Even if that meant murdering the teen. She was aware of this and scared, took actions into her very own hands. It is sad that it had led to a life being taken, but it was out of self defense.

Furthermore, Cyntoia Brown barely received any justice for what was done to her. After 15 years of fighting against her case, she was granted clemency. August 7th, of 2019, she will be granted parole supervision. Mind you, 15 years of her life was taken away from her. Her childhood was already stripped from her as a teen due to others’ selfishness and guilty pleasures. There needs to be real justice served within the courts for the victims who suffered long enough, not to be punished furthermore. Most of the victims did not choose to live the life that they were forced to withstand and endure. It just isn’t fair and this is not the only case. This particular case is just one out of thousands of others who are victims of sex and human trafficking. This ongoing issue has been happening and is happening at this very moment.  It’s a cycle that just continues to be repeatedly done, leaving the innocent stripped from the real world and life itself. There needs to be more awareness and teachings of the seriousness of this to the people all over and the injustice that continues to be served to the poor and innocent victims.

In result of this case, it has revealed the flaws within the courts to which justice was not served to victims of sex and human trafficking. Victims from all over should be served the justice that is needed to make up the freedom of choice to which they were unfortunately, unable to choose for their own paths and destinies due to the forced abuses. But now that it is widely known, people will and should be aware of these cases and people should be held accountable.

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