Tiffany Vang, Staff Writer


Lashes are something that you never really notice matter until you actually find out that you look 30 times better when them fluffed and coated with your all time favorite mascara! I honestly don’t think it’s worth spending more than $15 on macara. Honestly $15 is still a little too much, but maybe that’s just my broke student life talking. So, I have interviewed two of my beautiful friends Evani, and Julieth on what their favorite mascara are, and then I’ll tell you mine! Let me remind you that everyone has different types of lashes. Evani has really long beautiful lashes, but unfortunately they point straight down. Whereas Julieth has really fluffy beautiful lashes, she doesn’t need mascara but believe me when I tell you that her lashes look even better with mascara. And then there is me! I have medium length lashes, that lack volume.

Let’s start with Evani! She uses a mascara called Telescopic from L’oreal. This mascara helps lifts her lashes, but because he lashes are so stubborn that she needs an eyelash curler to help curl her lashes up. This mascara can be bought at almost every drugstore, and it might also be available at Ulta. The price can range for $7 to $10 which honestly isn’t much. As for Julieth, she uses a well known mascara from Two Faced called “Better than Sex”. Now I know I said I wouldn’t include a mascara that is not available at the drugstore but I had to think about those who actually like to purchase things from Sephora so this is it. The Two Faced “Better than Sex” mascara helps lift and volumize the lashes. I personally have never used it but it I have seen it on other and it looks gorgeous! Now with me, without mascara you wouldn’t be able to see my lashes but with a really good mascara, my lashes can be really long and lifted. I use L’oreal Lash Paradise. This mascara is perfect for me because it comes in a really black shade so that helps darken my light lashes. You can get this mascara at almost every drugstore, and it is also available at Ulta. The price ranges from $8 to $10. Such a steal for the amazing work it does to my brows.

Mascara is such a big step in my makeup routine because it really makes me look awake and ready to take on my task. If you are new to makeup mascara is something most people would start with because it is easy. If these mascaras that I list here are a bit too expensive or it’s something that you have already tried and didn’t work for you, I’ll leave a link that list other amazing mascara that you can maybe try out! Thank you for reading!



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