2020 Fiasco


Will Dau, Staff Writer

This coming election will be a turning point in this countries political focus one way or another. For the past one-hundred years there have been two dominant parties. The democrats and the republicans. Recently It is my belief that both parties have lost sight of the main point of an election. On one side you have the left who is to busy calling the right racist and bigoted simply for having different views which may  be politically “incorrect”. Now I’m not saying there aren’t racist and bigoted right wingers, but I do believe they are in the minutest of minorities. Meanwhile the right is an unevolving traditionalist party who ceases to have original ideas at a time where they are needed most. Both sides are so worried about reelection that little work is done when actually in a position to do something. This leads to our next promising topic, candidates.

Obviously President Trump has been a hot topic in recent months with various “Stormy” scandals. I have no doubt he is one of the most polarizing presidents in America’s  history. There are some who worship the ground he walks on and others who spit on it. In my personal opinion I think he is cast in a bad light. Obviously most media wouldn’t have a second thought if he just fell of the side of the world and never reappeared. We all know how reliable the media is nowadays.  Despite this I maintain my very unpopular opinion that the president is in fact NOT racist, just a dumbass. I believe Hillary Clinton put it best when she said “Delete your account”. Referring to his overused twitter account of course. I think President Trump was brought up in a world where there were no consequences to what he said or did, and why would that change? He’s a rich and powerful businessmen, he probably thinks he was able to achieve such success because of the same traits that we think deem him unqualified. He is a man who knows how to get what he wants. He took a break from his business to run and be elected president of the united states. This is by no means a minor feat. That’s what brings his appeal to the other half of the united states. For once they believe someone will be able to GET SOMETHING DONE! And so far I think he’s done that.  

As for democratic candidates, I’m not sure I can give an unbiased opinion. I think it will be interesting to watch Cory Booker to see how he performs on the election stage. Other more well known candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden might make this a very interesting race indeed.