Playlists for Spring Break

Music to Match Your Mood


Brayam Echeverria, Staff Writer


Mellow Playlist:

Happy playlist:


Origins of Hip Hop


Origin of r&b:


Background of an artist “Aries”-


Aries is a youtuber who got popular by making tutorials of famous instrumentals like that of Playboi Carti’s hit single Magnolia and Tay K’s single “The Race. Aries would use his midi keyboard and software to teach people how to recreate the instrumentals from these songs, because they were catchy yet simple. He would go on to make similar content , usually remixing or recreating instrumentals from other famous songs.

He also had other songs that he himself made but his first hits would have to be Carousel and Sayonara.He would later hold a contest to see who can remix the song Sayonara the best. This contest would give many other musicians a chance in the spotlight and the ability to gain Aries’s respect. He currently has over 350,000 subscribers and over 500,000 listeners on spotify. He makes mellow hip hop , with very moody lyrics.

Recently it has been shown that he joined a group called “Internet Money” which is a collaborative group of musicians who make instrumentals mainly for R n B and Hip Hop Artists. This group has produced some hit billboard singles, with one of the members named Nick Mira creating the instrumental for Juice Wrld’s “ Lucid Dreams”. Aries has also recently released the song “Santa Monica” which is on my mellow playlist which you should totally check out !


Background on “Frank Ocean”-


Frank Ocean is an R & B and pop artist who came to fame from joining the group Odd Future . He has released many hit singles with Novacane and Thinking about you being just some of his more popular songs. He has released three official albums called “Channel Orange” , “Endless” and “Blonde”. The reason why I chose this artist for the mellow playlist is because he tends to take a mellow approach to all his songs and talks about experiences of love and breakups. You are feeling like listening to something sad , then Frank Ocean is the right artist for you!