Over the Garden Wall 

Samuel Verduzco, Staff Writer


Back in the Fall of 2014, Cartoon Network blessed its fans with a mini-series that will leave them begging for more. 

Over the Garden Wall is a story of two brothers, Greg and his older brother Wirt, trying to find their way out of the woods called The Unknown. While going about in the woods they come across a woodsman who promises to find a way out if they wait for him to finish his work, during their wait they attacked by a beast which throughs the show in a completely different direction than what it felt like. 

The music in the show is fantastic and fits the mood of the show and the dynamic ambiance of the quickly, fluidly changing scenes. The character styles are very similar, in terms of design, to one of the Holy Grails of the Cartoon Network line-ups, Adventure Time. With Wirt wearing a tall red cone hat, and Greg wearing a teapot on his head, you can surely see the similarities in the quirkiness. 

While the show isn’t exactly scary, it connects to multiple audiences in different ways. The kids see a cartoon about two boys on an adventure back home while meeting and interacting with unique characters, while the older audiences get creeped out by the eerie seeming stories and overall vibe of the show. The way the story unfolds you follow the two down many adventures of danger that leave you on the edge of your seat trying to get yourself ready for what’s coming next while you adore Greg and understand Wirt. But when you’re getting emotional for plenty of reasons, the kids are intrigued for their own reasons.