Missing Children

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Missing Children

Princess Palomares, Staff Writer

Missing teens and children have been an issue for several years now. Even more serious today, the issue does need to be addressed more. There are many different situations on how they become missing and sometimes, it doesn’t end well. While some teens choose to run away, for others, it’s their worst nightmare to be removed from loved ones. In major situations when a child goes missing and is in danger, an AMBER alert would go out around the area, telling citizens the description of the suspect, missing child, vehicle description and last place seen just for them to keep an eye out for the child missing.

This year unfortunately, there has been an outstanding number of missing children. The article from CNN shows that, from 1997 to 2002, there has been over 797,800 reported missing children. That is a large amount within a 6-year time period. “In cases where children are abducted, it is far more common for a non-custodial parent to be the kidnapper: This was reported 2,359 times in 2017, the FBI data showed.

A U.S. Justice Department study in 2002 reported that 99.8 percent of children reported missing were found alive.” People sometimes don’t realize the dangers and numbers of how many children go missing. Some kids that run away with either their boyfriend or anyone else shouldn’t, because that takes away a possibility of finding them rather than being kidnapped. It’s a dumb thing to run away with a boyfriend sometimes to be petty. Other times, it can be serious situations. Who knows? But the point is, if it not an emergency and you run away just to run away, then don’t. It wastes time and energy for people to search for you.

These are serious and dangerous situations that unfortunately some teens go through. To learn more about missing teens, there is a main government website to go to, where they have teens and children’s pictures and information. It’s called the National Center for Missing Children.