Helping Stop Hunger

Helping Stop Hunger

Victoria Benson, Staff Writer

They are many things you do to help others. One of those are food drives. Food drives not only help people’s hunger but also help your community. Certain Food Drives give out different types of food.   

What type of food do food drives give out? Food drives usually give out things such as whole grain breakfast cereals, canned or dried beans, shelf-stable milk, and peanut butter. These are just some things they give out; some will give out different types of food probably depending on what food drive you go to.  

Are food drives free? Food Drives in Fresno are free, but there are some that charge a small shared maintenance. If you know someone with low income or food, even if it’s you it’s okay. Click on this link for food drives near you if you are one of those in need.  

What are some things you need to qualify for free food? Food Drives usually ask for proof of residency, recent rent or a utility bill. They usually provide meals for lower-income families or families who are facing an unexpecting emergency 

If you are ever in a situation where you are in need of food never hesitate click that website.