Study Tips for Finals

Giselle Ramirez  , Staff Writer

Learning how to study can be difficult, but with the help of these tips, you will ace your tests in no time. In order to properly study, you need to be in a setting that is quiet enough for you to be able to focus. This can mean a cafe, the library, or your room. In addition, having study buddies can benefit both of you mutually. You and your partner can test each other and can help each other. Make sure that you don’t distract each other. Although you usually hear that you must study for long hours it’s better to take breaks. Making a schedule for your study and break time helps. Cramming all the data can make you forget important details. Another tip that you can help you is asking your teachers the main ideas that the test is going to be based on. You must know what will be on the test before you study for it.