The Downfall of Our Climate 

Cesar Moreno, Staff Writer

Our world is slowly falling apart, but is anybody going to do something about it? Over the past 40 years scientists have gathered in an attempt to make change, but to no avail.  Our society is consuming and using up precious fossil fuels at an alarming rate. Without being able to efficiently replace or have solutions for the amount of damage being caused. 

Humans are contributing to a large amount of our world’s climate change and global warming damaging our atmosphere. Californians already have a sense of what the future might be like. In 2017, winter winds came late, and December was still relatively dry. Santa Ana winds strengthened the Thomas fire, a huge wildfire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties that began on Dec. 4 and burned for more than a month. Most places are beginning to feel the effects of global warming with California’s winter temperatures slowly lowering over the years with it getting warmer than previous years.