Top 5 Apps You Should Know as a Student 

Giselle Ramirez  , Staff Writer

This app has flashcards regarding any subject or topic that you may need to study. It can be great for easy studying. In addition, you can make your own online flashcards. 

  1. Khan Academy- 

This app helps you practice on subjects you may need help on. In addition, it can test you on those subjects. It has videos available for you to watch based on the subject you may need help on. It also can help you practice for the SAT.  

  1. Slader- 

This app has the most math textbook-question answers. This can help when you’re stuck on a problem. It shows you the process of how to get your answer. 

  1. Mathway 

This app literally solves almost any algebraic math problem. All you must do is scan it with your camera and then it shows you the process and the correct answer. 

  1. My Homework student planner-  

This will make sure that you never forget a homework assignment. It can keep you organized and will prevent procrastination.