Music Highlights

Current and Classic Crowd Pleasers

Kassidy Sao Sysaknoi, Staff Writer

There are different types of music. By different, I don’t mean by different people, different beats. Many grown folks think music is just words and beats but it’s more to it then you think. Many people also think “Rapping”, “Singing” or songwriting is easy, it’s harder than it looks. In music there’s different meanings, different stories behind it. Everyone has a story to tell some put it in songs and not so many do. Many people listen/take after so many good older rappers like “Tupac Shakur” otherwise known as just “Tupac,” “The Notorious B.I.G,” “Jay Z,” “Snoop Dog,” “Ice Cube,” “Nate Dog,” “ Nipsey Hustle,” and much more. There are also many good older female artists like “Beyoncé,” “Alicia Keys,” “Rihanna,” “Jennifer Lopez,” “Kelly Rowland,” “Mariah Carey” and so many other good female artists. I personally like 80’s, 90’s love songs, hustling, and motivational throwback songs.  

Back to the 80’s and 90’s days almost/ most of the music was good. Most of them had meaning/ stories behind them, for example, “Tupac Shakur – Dear Mama” in this song he talks about how he appreciates his mom for all the hard work she’s done, how his childhood was like when his mom was in jail and not being able to see her, and how it was like growing up not having anything and to the man he had become. There’s also “asking for forgiveness” and talking to the world songs like “Lloyd- Tru” where he speaks about his life when he took a break from the music industry meaning not in the eye of the public, not being around cameras and fame, he also talks about he’s been living without being in the music industry. There’re many types of different song categories like Pop, Rock, 90’s, 80’s, R&B, Love Songs, and Today’s music. R&B; Rhythm and Blues “Commonly abbreviated as R&B is a genre of popular music that originated in African American communities in the 1940’s. For example, there’s many good R&B songs; most of them are love songs. In one of Mariah Carey love songs called “You Will Always Be My Baby” she talks about the man’s she’s been with wants to leave her and how she can’t do anything about it but he will forever be a part of her, how her love runs deep for him, how even though he says leaving he will always have a special part of her. A wise person once told me “True love never dies, its id did it wasn’t true love”.  

Pop Music; “Is a genre of popular music that originated in Its modern form in the united states and United Kingdom during the mid- 1950’s”. Rocc Music; “A form of popular music that evolved from rock and roll and pop music during the mid and late 1960’s. Harsher and often self-consciously more serious than its predecessor, it was initially characterized by musical experimentations. Now music is mostly dumb but catchy, most of the songs only talks about Sex, Drugs, and more. But there’s many good rappers like “NBA Young boy”, “Stupid Young”, “Rod Wave” “Teejay3k” “Mbnel” “Lil Tjay”, “03 Greedo”, “A boogie With a Hoodie”, “Ann-Marie”, “Benny”, “Bris”, “Capolow”, “Haiti Babii”, “Sob X Rbe”, “Dstezz” “Famous Uno”, “G-Man”, “Frostydasnowmann” and much more. But most of the rappers talk about the same things as Sex, Drugs, Robbing, Shooting, Stealing, and much more but everyone likes it the more the song plays the more money the artist gets. But everyone loves NBA Young boy a lot of teens listen to music, repost it and all that, he raps about how he feels, if you actually listen to his music and listen to the words you can hear pour his emotions out in a thug way.