Best Books of the Season


Kristie Leyba

Christian Juarez, Staff Writer

As of 2019, the holidays are a time of family, fun, and friends with much of that time having apart with other sorts of entertainment. An example, movies, they may be the most popular option, though an alternate and quiet, soothing activity may be something lighter. Reading comes in many forms with the most popular time being this holiday season. Found from various sources of author’s choices, public’s picks, and recent purchases will uncover the most satisfying books to read this winter. 


Books have resorted to primarily fictious works, though picks from Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and other major retailers to uncover romance, and even fantasy. As shown below… 

“The Starless Sea” by Erin Morgenstern ($17.39) 

From the author of “Night Circus” shows the mysteries of the ocean of a young man who must endure an adventure of pirates, time traveling doors, and other odd items never before seen in a novel. This book is on sale on Amazon for $17.39. 


“Nothing to See Here” by Kevin Wilson ($16.49) 

Being focused towards the ways of parenting, comes a comedic yet educational book of values. It bases around a friend in supervision of a politician’s wife to watch her children. Unravelling to know that these children are not well behaved as they seem. Nothing to See Here is on Amazon for $16.49. 


“NVK” by Temple Drake ($12.39) 

Set as a supernatural thriller in Shanghai comes the story of a man who is brought into an affair with a mystery woman. Knowing more about her background shall unravel the deadly secrets to himself, proving that their connection becomes more dangerous over time. NVK by Temple Drake is on sale on Amazon for $12.39. 


“The Great Pretender” by Susannah Cahalan ($19.69) 

From the bestselling author of “Brain on Fire” comes the story of the famous 50-year-old experiment that changed the way mental illness is seen. A doctor has 8 sane people commit to a mental institution for a set amount of time to prove their sanity. This book is on sale on Amazon for $19.69. 


“Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel” by Lee Child ($17.38) 

Another edition into the Jack Reacher series comes the next expedition of our hero. The books come into context of consequence when his good deeds of helping an elderly woman quickly become a set of negative events. This new addition is on sale on Amazon for ($17.38) 


Finally, the most popular book… 

The Fifth Risk ($15.26) 

The bestselling book of this month comes at the top ranks on all major retail sites. This new book discusses the consequences and risks that came with Trump’s victory in the election. The process of this time period talks about the government risking to ensure stability in certain places (black market, weather, food, and medication). For the people that control over the government, it shows how they don’t know how to correctly govern in this time period. The Fifth Risk is on sale on Amazon for $15.26. 


Honorable mentions (Most Read) 

Though the books above are the newest and hottest picks, these are the most read, with some that you may recognize. 

There are definitely more series-based books in this section, primarily with JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. These great picks are on sale of a clearance-based price or free with the addition of kindle unlimited on Amazon. 


Top Children’s Picks of December 2019 

With these books being more targeted towards an older audience, perhaps light reading for the young ones can be an option for the holidays. 

These books can be good as a gift, though are chosen as the most popular across Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other major sources. These books are a good choice for children of both small and large age, with a great review count for each. Consider buying one today on Amazon. 


Though these books are all ranked by popularity and sell count, they are all unique in their own way, which is why they have made it onto this list. Go out there and get yourself a book, the holidays don’t last forever.