Street Violence = Safety?


Kristie Leyba

Danielle Ramirez, Staff Writer

Police Shootings  

   Police Shootings have become a problem that has happened too frequently in today’s society. As reported by Mapping Police Violence, a database which was created by activists, the amount of black Americans killed by the police has declined since a spike in 2015, which was the year where a nationwide debate started about police use of force. Most of the database articles you find online are done by activists none are actual police departments. So to determine the amount of police-involved killings have happened and the cause behind them to reduce the killings is almost impossible because there is no federal mandate that requires police departments to report any incidents of any sort. 

    Chris Burbank, Vice President of strategic partnerships at the Center of Policing Equity stated, “[Police Departments] can tell me how many cars are stolen, but they can’t tell me how many people they killed”. If police departments were to report not just police-involved shootings but all police encounters, including making the incidents public we would have a better chance at finding out what leads to these incidents. Which would soon decrease police shootings/police encounters from happening as much as it does now in today’s society for in the future. 

According to the Washington Post last year of 2018 around this time this year there has been 992 police shootings. Which is seventy-seven more shootings to this year which was supposedly 850 police shootings. Yet, that’s just the police shootings that have been reported who knows how many police shootings have may be encountered and not have been reported this year. With twenty-three more days till the year is over and the upcoming holidays that are Christmas eve, Christmas and New Years, where police shootings are common because of drives driving under the influence, who knows if that seventy-seven shootings will happen.  

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