Make It a Date!

Ideas for Spending Time with a Secial Person


Madison Chaleunsap and Laisha Gonzalez

Hello young ladies and gentlemen, the day of love is coming up, and you may want to do something special with your significant other, or you may want to do something fun and relaxing with your friends.

Have you thought of any date ideas yet?

Everyone is different, and enjoy different activities, whether it is to do something extraordinary and expensive or do something simple and inexpensive, which is what most prefer, we are here to give you some date ideas.

On A Budget

Let’s start with the inexpensive dates first. Since we all know people are honestly broke after spending money from the holidays. Or you are just a young couple who simply just don’t have as much cash, this season. So here are some affordable date ideas, I’m sure your significant other would still love:

Keep It Simple

  1. A baking date at home (You can honestly use box mixes too)
  2. Binge-watching tv shows
  3. Cook dinner together and movie night at home
  4. You can get your favorite takeout

On the Town

  1. Ice skating/ rollerskating
  2. Out to the movie theaters
  3. A picnic at your local park
  4. Share a bottle of apple cider for the younger folks
  5. Stargazing


Spare No Expense

Okay now that we have all the inexpensive dates out of the way, we can continue with the expensive dates which our older couples may enjoy much more.

These dates may appeal more to our adult friends since they are more pricey and mature dates.


  1. Make Reservations at the fanciest restaurant in your city or town
  2. Go wine & chocolate tasting
  3. A tour of your favorite place
  4. Go on a roadtrip to your nearest beach 
  5. Visit museum and appreciate the beauty of artworks while you are appreciating the beauty of your significant other. \
  6. A relaxing spa day
  7. A basketball game, hockey game, or concert
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