Take a Look, Read a Book 

Take a Look, Read a Book 

Cindy Lee and Fernando Martinez

If you are bored, you should consider reading a book. There are many genres for books: fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, drama, horror, mystery, fantasy, etc. Have you picked one that is right for you?  


Because the month is February, we should start with romance novels for upcoming Valentines Day. A book that popped up in my mind was To All the Boys I Loved Before by Jenny Han.   

Because I am a teenager myself, I always wanted to read this book since it is young adult fiction. If you are interested in drama and slice of life, with a hint of romance, this book should be on your wish list.   

Since it is about a young teenager who finds true love among the distributed secret love letters among five guys that she crushes on, it will captivate young teenagers who are curious as to how our female protagonist will end this drastic situation.  Also, here’s a bonus: there is a movie based on this fiction novel. If you have time you should definitely check it out.  


If you are not interested in romance, you can check out these two non-fiction memoirs: A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. 

A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer 

A memoir that focuses on the author’s childhood. The author was a victim of child abuse, and he wrote events when his mother tortures him. He also included how his family were bystanders and how he felt lonely and helpless in the world. If you want to know how Dave marathon through the beatings and torture, you should check this one out.  

I would recommend this book to readers above the age of 13 because it has brutality, and inappropriate languages between the author and the characters. The author suffers many injuries, resulting from the constant beatings that he receives. Overall, we connect to the author and sympathize with him because of his yearn to be loved by his mother.  

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls 

This is a non-fiction memoir based on the writer’s life, how she overcome poverty and poorness. In her childhood, she was a naive child who was optimistic, unaware of her surroundings. Until she grows older, she realizes there are many more experiences that awaits her. She tries to escape from the world that her parents set up and make her own journey.  

I would recommend this book for readers over the age of 13 because of the inappropriate language in the book. 

Quitters Never Win

Micheal Bisping’s book is from a man who spent a good portion of his life fighting in the UFC. This book is very interesting simply for the fact that the information shared by the author who also happens to be a world champion who has risen and fallen a countless number of times. This book details the path he took on becoming a world champion with countless wins and losses in his professional record. One of the main points he tries to get across is how his success and goals he had only came true after years of turmoil, physical and mental pain. In the end, those who quit will never win.  

As we all know Albert Einstein is one of the greatest minds in all of human history and has contributed extensive research and theories that to this day are still being proven correct by modern science. This would be a very interesting book for people and teens alike to read. It contains many of Einstein’s speeches on various topics like politics and morality. It is good to see various points of view and ideas before concluding what we will believe in and who we will follow.  

Many young people today take a lot for granted and never really know how unforgiving life can be. Topics like going to war are often thrown around as jokes and are not taken seriously by many of the new younger generations. It is good to learn early on about the consequences of war and violence since it is the younger generation who will soon be in charge of the world. 

More Infomation for Recommended Reads 

These books are very important and informational to read since they carry real-life value.

I would say anyone from 7th grade and up to read these books. 

Diary of Anne Frank: 


Albert Einstein: 


Micheal Bisping: 


To All The Boys I Loved Before: 


A Child Called It: 


The Glass Castle: