Sadie Hawkins 

Madison Chaleunsap, Staff Writer

If you haven’t been to an Edison High School Dance, here’s yur chance! Plan now to experience a Sadie Hawkins dance. We have one here for you on our campus. The Sadie Hawkins dance will take place in the Edison, cafeteria. Held on March 28, from 7pm to 11pm. I know you’d have a blast with all our students that go, and the fun music the DJ plays. Sadie Hawkins is quite the celebration, for young women nowadays. Traditionally taking place during the time of November.  The whole concept of the dance is the girls inviting the boys to the dance. From doing big to small proposals, they ask the boys. Here I have many tips to help you out. Going from when our own Sadie Hawkins dance is here at Edison, to cute and simple Sadie proposals. I even have the history about “Sadie Hawkins” because I want all you young girls to be comfortable with this day. Where girls, take the initiative. 

Starting off with the history of Sadie Hawkins, it was normally named after an Abner comic strip character. With this event being of unmarried women, being able to chase after bachelors. Ultimately choosing the man they wanted. Then asking that man to the dance. With the first-ever Sadie Hawkins dance taking place on November 9, 1938. With the tradition remaining popular throughout countries, until this day. Especially being popular on many colleges and high school campuses. 


You may be wondering though, how I am going to go if I don’t have a dateWell, here I have many ideas for you ladies to do. That would for sure make a guy say yes. The first idea I have for you ladies is to base the poster off the guy’s sports team, if he is in a sport. Such as, “ 4 bases, 3 out, 2 teams, 1 winner. YOU. Sadies with…..?”. Or if you feel like being a little more creative, you could also use the guys favorite candies For example, “…..I can’t reese-ist, asking you to Sadies”. Honestly, there are so many things you could do; all you have to do is have fun with it!