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Animla Club


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Cesar Moreno, Staff Writer


Edison’s High Schools Animal Club has a variety of upcoming events. That many people and their animals could take part in. Those who take part in these show love and support for the animals and their better wellbeing. For example, there was and will be another animal contest were owners partake in a photo contest. The president of the club Dominic Samaniego helps organize most of the events 

The purpose of this club is to get involved with the animal community and its supporters while raising awareness on different issues on all animals – domestic, farm, wildlife and marine life. Our goal is to make some solid impact on those on and off-campus, whether it is to educate the unaware or to provide some sort of outlet for the love many hold for animals.    

               Too many the animal club is a staple in the Edison community. They are very serious about it being very dedicated and involved. As of now, there are not many events planned with exact dates. But they are being finalized to determine the actual date and time of some of the events. For example, one being the trip planned to the Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation center are to be determined showing just how involved the club wants to be involved with the community and overall well being for animals  

Interview Questions: Upcoming Events Dominic Samaniego  

  1. One upcoming Animal club event is our photo contest! There are three categories: funniest, best costume, and twins! This a school wide event that is being hosted by Animal club. Edison students can submit their photos into a google form (up to 1 photo per submission) and the first place winners from each category will be published in the school newspaper and have a short article written on them and possibly receive a gift card. Animal club members will be voting on the photos according to the categories.  
  1. Another event we have coming is a donation drive towards the Fresno Wildlife Rehabilitation center.