Who is St Patrick?


Jennifer Valadez, Staff Writer


St Patrick, bishop and saint of Ireland, is celebrated all over the world for bringing Christianity to Ireland. He is celebrated on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17. People gather around parades, festivals and wear green to honor what he did for Christianity.

St Patrick was born in Britain to a Romanized family. He was the bishop and saint of Ireland. Ironically, he wasn’t Irish. Throughout his time, he wrote several pieces. He wrote Confessio which is a spiritual biography. It tells a dream of hi

He believed he got called by God to Christianize Ireland which then led him to return to Ireland as a missionary of the Catholic church. Which led him to adopt the name Patrick which means father figure. He traveled around the country performing baptisms and confirmations. And that was recognized as an important role in converting the native Irish to Christianity.

St. Patrick believed God was talking to him through visions. He believed that God was telling him it was time to leave Ireland. Patrick also reported that he had experienced a second revelation in which an angle in a dream tells him to return to Ireland as a missionary.

His religious training which ended up lasting more than fifteen years. St. Patrick also chose to merge traditional ritual into his lessons of Christianity instead of attempting to abolish native Irish beliefs.

St. Patrick is celebrated today all over the world for bringing Christianity to Ireland as well as being the bishop and saint of Ireland.

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