Chicago – Musical 

ETTC Does a Third Production

Sam Verduzco, Staff Writer


Edison’s Theatre team is putting together another great play: Chicago. The play was initially performed on June 3, 1975 and will now be performed by our very own theatre team.  

The following series of questions and answers is a transcript of an interview between Rafael Bryant and Esteban Benitez, both of which have performed in many different plays with the school and have been actively involved in the production of Chicago. 



 What is your role/contribution to the play? 

E: I’m the husband of the main character Roxie, basically she cheats on me and i get pushed to the side but I’m still a pretty relevant part to the story. I play Amos Hart. 

 R: I play Officer Fogarty, the detective who gets called in and interrogates Amos when he says he shot a burglar.  

What can you tell us about the play? 

E: it’s about two very hardheaded females who Murder their significant others but are convinced that they’re not at fault and each fight for a higher claim to fame 

  R: yeah basically what Esteban said, it’s just about two Murderesses who want to be famous and will do anything to get there 

 What is the ‘Chicago’ team working on as of now/what is the current state of the play? 

E: currently just finished blocking act 1 and we have four musical numbers choreographed and now we’re getting into the process of getting it down to a refined art  

R: yeah, we’re just doing all the choreography for all the dances and learning all the songs so we can get it ready for performance  

 What challenges do you have/does the team have? 

E: we have a hard time with concentration but when it comes down to it, we all work really well together  

R: I feel like we just have A LOT of work to do and it can seem overwhelming at times, so we get sort of trepidatious when tackling this musical 

What is your favorite part of working on this play? 

E: My favorite part is working on the musical number both reached for the gun because it has really cool choreography and I’m excited for everyone to see it 

  R: my favorite part of the musical is the bond we’re all creating, seems like we’re becoming much more fluid and I think because of that we’re going to deliver a great show.