Effects of Quarantine

Effects of Quarantine

Heriberto Garcia, Writer

The Covid-19 pandemic may be stressful for people,but being in quarantine for a long period of time can be a disaster because quarantine may bring out fear, anxiety, and stress after periods of time. 

Research from an early 2020 post from “The Lancet” shows that the effect of being quarantine was a predictor of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

The effects of being quarantine can play a major role in someone’s life. During outbreaks many people are forced to stay inside to protect themselves, but staying inside can cause distress leading to signs and symptoms of mental decline. A study shown by the post “The Lancet” by Dr. Rebecca K Webster showed that 28.9% of participants had symptoms of PTSD. 

The cause of being quarantine comes only when an outbreak occurs but the effects of being inside for a while can lead to mental health issues or risks.