Mind AND Body

Mind AND Body

Alejandro Gutierrez, Writer

Working out helps you maintain your body to make sure it is working in top shape. During this rough time of sheltering in place, working out can be hard because we feel discouraged to continue to work out due to us being confined in our homes.

There are some small workouts and alternative items to help stay motivated during the pandemic. You can go back to the basics of working out like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc. These basic can help you stay fit by doing larger quantities of them.

If you want to use something dumbbells you can use a 1-gallon bottle of milk or water or any other liquids. My friend Samuel repurposed some propane tanks that his family wasn’t using and started using them as dumbbells. Some people are investing some of their money in equipment. I know a friend who did invest in some equipment, he said, “I invested  so I wouldn’t gain weight or lose muscle.” He has devoted himself to working out because it’s a hobby and activity that he does in his normal routine.

Working out isn’t just about getting slim or buff; some people workout to make sure they remain strong as they grow older. Many people who workout in their 50s  remain strong and flexible since they dedicated themselves to working out for many years.