Healthy Mindsets for Distance Learning

Healthy Mindsets for Distance Learning

Yusra Iqbal, Writer

Working in front of a bright screen for hours, if not even longer can have an impact on student’s wellbeing, their mental health especially.  These changes iyour mental health, which can be caused by countless number of things, are important as a student and even more important in general. 

 It also applies outside of school, meaning that staying in a healthy mindset is a big priority. The following tips and resources can provide help, other than people that you can check in with, at any time you may need a break while you are at home.  

Some things you can do to better your mental health:  

  • Put yourself first – Eat well, drink water, and a good amount of sleep. 
  • Make time for hobbies – Do what you enjoy. 
  • Find coping skills for stress – Try things like journal writing! 
  • Exercise – Doesn’t necessarily mean being active, meditation can help.  
  • Share your feelings – Even though it is easier said than done, there could be someone who can make you feel at ease after you’ve talked about what is on your mind.  

Resources like mentalhealth.orguk and give several more ways that might gradually better your mental health and they also provide support services, if you really need it.