Mental Health in 2020

Mental Health in 2020

Jordan Jackson and Priscila Pizano

How can you deal with mental health challenges in a healthy way?

Well, there are many ways you can. Since the world has changed so drastically due to Coronavirus, society has been stuck inside their homes with wandering and persuasive thoughts that could cause more negative than positive. This can trigger to develop into mental health challenges.

There is a wide range of conditions that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. If you have anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotions then this is the article for you. It’s not something you suffer from by choice, but something that develops due to various factors and reasons. 

However, the things that you do have an impact on your mental health. From being out in nature with friends to being at home in your room by yourself. Sure, some people might enjoy being by themselves but to be forced to be quarantined and not see your loved ones can have a great effect on you. 

In the article “How to Cope With Quarantine” from, experts say that isolating from others can do to you and the different situations one can be put in being quarantinedPsychological distress common during quarantine is sadness, insomnia, anger, PTSD, depressive symptoms, as well as emotional exhaustion, and much more. 

There are situations that hundreds and sadly even thousands plus more are currently in, in which they cannot control. Babies, kids, teenagers, and even adults and elders face enduring situations that they cannot run from such as abuse occurring to them or around them.

 During this pandemic we need to work together to do our part and wear a mask, practice better hygiene, as well as staying home rather than being somewhere you do not need to be so that we can shorten this quarantine. Being forced to be in your household forces you to be isolated and for some to deal with situations that they would usually try to get away from.