More Than Tricks and Treats

More Than Tricks and Treats

Ever since we were all kids, we knew that on the night of October 31st, we would don our costumes and get our buckets on the quest of scaring and getting candy. But Halloween is more than that, it is a sense of community. Other people might think that Halloween can take too much effort and there is too much pressure to have a good time, but I think that all that makes it even more fun. There are a lot of different things you can do during Halloween; it isn’t just kids running around the streets and getting candy. The 31st brings the neighborhood together to celebrate a holiday we all know and love.

From the decorations to the haunted houses, Halloween is one of the best holidays. One of the reasons why Halloween is so great is because you can dress up as whatever you like and eat tons of candy, carve pumpkins, have a Halloween party, or watch Halloween movies.  Some people think we can’t have fun this year for Halloween because of social distancing but even though this year we can’t celebrate like we normally would, we can still have as much fun! You can stay in and watch Halloween movies with family while eating all your favorite candy or carving pumpkins if you haven’t yet.

Halloween is about conquering your fears, it is breathing a sigh of relief at the end of a horror story, it’s the only day where people can feel civilized and let their craziness take over also its when kids are having a good time going to house to house getting candy and most of all spending good fun quality time with your family or friends. Halloween is, in many people’s perspective,  the best holiday throughout the whole year because there are so many activities and things to do that day like watching movies, trick-or-treating, dressing up for a party, etc, but also it is amusing to people because it’s a day where people can have fun and be themselves or portray somebody else. 

Some may wonder, how do you help your children become independent? The truth is a lot of the time the opportunity presents itself. During Halloween, kids go around with a parent/guardian/friends and do the traditional Trick-Or-Treating. You may notice sometimes there are kids who do not want to walk up to the house alone but as a few houses’ past, you just become more comfortable. By practicing the same thing and walking house to house you are getting used to it and the child/children gets a bit more courage just from having a day of just doing things by themselves. Independence is something everyone needs to come across at one point in their life, and Halloween only helps kids gain courage and see that things are not as scary as they seem. 

      Halloween not only gives your child a feeling of independence, but it is also a day to express themselves in costume form. Due to kids becoming more independent, they gain confidence too, that will allow them to express themselves. You can express yourself physically as well as emotionally. Not everyone is the best at expressing their feelings verbally but when there is a chance to be able to express yourself from the outside it can be easier, and maybe even a little more fun. Children dress up during Halloween to express themselves and enhance their imagination. As they dress up, they imagine they are what they dress up as and the decorations come to life as they see and interact with them. Halloween is one of the best holidays for children, considering the fun they have and the freedom they have to express themselves. 

Sure, Halloween is about the spooky vibes and dressing up as ghosts, pumpkins, vampires, etc., but for some it is deeper than that. Some kids use that day to express themselves through crazy makeup, crazy clothing, and transforming into a whole new persona. You can express yourself in clothing as well as makeup on regular days but on Halloween, you get to show off and show people who you really are as you walk house to house becoming more comfortable in your own skin as people compliment you and you show off. During Halloween, you can be the scariest person in the room, or you could put on a nice dainty outfit. When people express how they want to be during Halloween it makes them feel free and happy, it is the one time of the year where you could be whatever you want. This freedom of expression is amazing for children and for adults, it is the perfect time of the year to represent anything that you want! The clothing or costume that you wear will convey a message and Halloween is the perfect time of the year where you can have any message that you want without judgment for others. Some people might believe that costumes are too much work for no reason, but once you really understand how liberating it can be to wear or make a costume of your choice you won’t understand the massive freedom it brings and how liberating it can be to wear a costume that you personally made or chose out! 

Halloween is meant for friends and family to spend quality time together. You get to do all kinds of activities from carving pumpkins to dressing up and going out to see attractions exclusive to Halloween. A specific example being Hobb’s Grove, located in California, Hobb’s Grove offers several attractions specifically for Halloween, one of which being a Haunted Forest that’s sure to give you a fright. You get to do all kinds of things with your friends and family because of Halloween, strengthening your bonds with them all the while making fun and valuable memories along the way. I think letting kids run around from house to house getting candy once a year is just a way to bond as a family. I have great memories of trading and comparing candies with my siblings. I used to play games with the candies I got with my little brother.

Parents can take time out of a long day and spend more time with their kids and the community. Everyone takes part and it doesn’t cost you much either. And, if you want to have a costume on a budget, just make something cool or funny out of household items, grab a grocery bag for your candy and go have fun. You don’t need money to have a good time!

One of the reasons Halloween is a good holiday and day overall is because you get to spend time with your family and friends without all the stress or pressure. On Halloween, no one expects you to look or act a certain way. On this day, you can either dress up with your friends and family and go out. Or you can stay inside and put on some movies to watch. Most of the other holidays contain some level of commitment and come with a lot of stress. With Halloween, it is up to you whether you want to participate or not. Not celebrating Halloween only affects you, and whether you have fun that night or not. Unlike other holidays, where you must participate in going to family gatherings or getting someone a present. Instead, you can just hang out with friends and family with no pressure add and create stronger bonds. “Researchers have shown that those who have strong, meaningful social connections tend to be happier, have fewer health problems, and have longer lifespans,” stated by MDLinx. On Halloween, you have complete control of what you do and how you do it without all the stress and pressure that other holidays bring. 

The reason why Halloween gets a bad rap is because of its unknown origins. No one really knows where it came from. Sure, there is talk of it being an evil pagan holiday, but I believe Halloween can be celebrated in a kindhearted way. Just like any of the other holidays. All Hallows Eve isn’t all about blood, horror, and witchcraft, there is more to it. It’s a time where children can be children and enjoy their childhoods. The holiday brings out the innocence in them and it’s a joy to see for parents. People all ages get the chance to be young again. By dressing up and becoming their favorite characters, idols, celebrities, or professions. It is a night that can be celebrated not just by trick or treating, but by sitting around cozied up on the couch with loved ones watching your favorite Halloween movies. The holiday Halloween is a ritual, and rituals keep us together. We cannot just eliminate it after the years and years of happiness and excitement it has provided children, teens, and even adults. Halloween allows us to pretend, which is something we need to do, at least occasionally. Escaping from the hecticness of real life, when possible, is essential to our overall mental well-being, and Halloween is one of the most popular and simple ways we can do so. So, don’t fear All Hallows Eve. Enjoy a night of fun and laughter.