How Animals Bring Us Happiness  

photo credit: Humane Society of Tennessee

photo credit: Humane Society of Tennessee

Priscila Pizano , Writer

A lot of the time we feel like there is something in our lives, what a lot of us do not realize is that, that something missing is a pet. From a guinea pig to a dog, and a bird to a cat, pets have a tremendous effect on us. Pets are proven to make us healthier, happier, and overall make our lives feel worthy. If there is something not motivating you to get up from bed, I can almost guarantee a pet can change that. 

Throughout the years I am sure you have noticed that you will always see a pet walking down the street. Every pet has its own purpose, but they all have the same effect, and that is the happiness they bring. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the article “Healthy Pets, Healthy People,” talks about the health benefits pets can have on you. A pet can be so good for your health. Healthy mind, healthy body, and vice versa. Having a pet as your companion can decrease feelings of loneliness as well as increase opportunities for socialization. The little boost of happiness a pet can give you that motivation to step outside and have an increase of opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities. “the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.” 

“There’s some research that shows having a pet with you during an anxious event could help reduce the stress of the event,” says CNN in their article “Benefits (and some surprising science) about owning a pet.” Having someone by your side does a lot for your mental health. A lot of us can go by life being alone but when you have someone, such as a pet by your side, things become more enjoyable. People with pets have an overall better psychological well-being with lower rates of depression and stress levels. During stressful situations, pets may not be able to talk but they can provide their cuddles as well as their emotional support. This helps increase self-esteem and just has you in a relaxed state of mind causing you to get better sleep and be more physically active. 

The bonding between a pet and a family is a bond that is incomparable.  “While pets may disturb their sleep at times, some owners enjoy the comfort of curling up with their pet close by,” explains Insider in the article “15 Reasons why having a pet is good for you and your family”. The security of having a pet around helps reduce the stress you may have on feeling safe. Pets are something a lot of people can bond with and talk about improving one’s social life. With human interaction, your mental health is thriving and coming home after a good long day at work only gets better walking into your house with your pet waiting for your greeting. 

In an interview with several pet owners, I could see that pets really do play a huge part in your daily life. In an interview with a few co-workers from work, I asked “What would you do without your pet?’ A lot of them really hesitated at first because who could really think about the loss and heartbreak of their cuddle bud. A common response I received when asking, “How do they make you feel”, was that they made them happy. Yes, happiness is something often brought up when talking about pets. Even though pets can not verbally communicate they offer emotional support, security, as well as happiness. Would you want a pet? I say do it If you do not already have one. Having a pet does come with responsibility and sometimes stress when they are sick, but it is worth it in the end with the number of cuddles and happiness a pet can offer you.