Gun violence in the 559 

Jordan Jackson, Staff Writer


     “Every and anybody is getting killed for no reason”. Said by a former Edison high school student Treanice Gilder who is tired of the gun violence in her community.  Within the last month more than 100 shootings and 12 murders have been investigated. 80% of the homicides are connected to gang motivated attacks. Residents are saying the shooting occurs over gang beefs and fighting at functions/parties. Fresno PD says they been cracking down on criminals according to the Fresno Bee. Through a violent crime suspension operation, but residents who I interviewed say they don’t see the effort police say they’re making. The chief of police says he is “focusing on gangs and guns right now. Fresno city’s crime rate is higher than average crime and 595.3 of the crime is violent. “West Fresno gangs have been really active, real violent recently” said by Sgt James Rosetti. Alaysia Malone, a student at Edison High. Said it affects her because “teenagers have a fear of going out and living life.” And this makes sense because the gang and gun violence affect the youth mostly. Gun violence is considered a public health crisis. People impacted by it experience stress, depression, and anxiety. Fresno police believe their affirmative action by putting more law enforcement on the street should better the community’s situationPeople who live in west Fresno like Shane Peele wish the violence could just stop, “I want people to think about their actions.” Gun and gang violence have been destroying communities for years. It is time we stand back up to it and hope our Fresno police can do the job they came to do.