Dare to Date

How much is too much?

Julio Arevalo, Staff Writer

Have you ever been on a $500 date, many believe that a date of that caliber is too much and that it is strictly reserved for the bourgeoise. What would you do for a $500 date? $500 sounds like a massive sum of money, and the real question is what are the limitations of such an expensive date? Many things can be done with such an expensive date: you can go on a nice shopping spree, you can go to a very fancy restaurant and eat the finest food, and finally, you can also go to an amusement park and enjoy the day! It is obvious that such an expensive date would be fun, but the real question to ask is which do people prefer? A cheap date? Or a very expensive date? I have a list of people that I interviewed and asked these very important questions! 

Many people believe that the most valuable part of a date is the experience and not the cash I have interviewed many people about what they would do with that massive amount of money. Jasmine Sanchez (11th grader at Edison) believes that the most important part of dating is the vibe she gets from the person and how much she enjoys the date. She wouldn’t usually spend that much money on a date, but if she had it, she would go to a fancy restaurant and spend the rest of the time doing a fun activity like painting. Moses Castillo (freshman at UC Berkeley) believes that an expensive date should be one full of fun and traveling, he would go all over traveling wherever he wants with that amount of money. So, what is the main conclusion from asking the people what they would do on a date and more so an expensive date? People care about the compassion and the intimacy of a date much more so than the money, both people would be happy with just connecting and sharing beautiful moments with the person they are dating. So, No the amount of cash you spend on a date is not important for the overall enjoyment! What matters is the memories that you share together!