Up Close and Covid

People Who Have Experienced COVID-19 in Fresno 

Up Close and Covid

Yusra Iqbal, Staff Writer

There have been numerous people who are infants, elderly, and those who have health issues that have experienced the coronavirus, COVID-19, worldwideAlthough the disease was discovered in 2019, it has caused a global pandemic that started a few months ago, back in March, and is still ongoing. In Fresno, the cases have been increasing every day through people contacting one anotherQuarantine has been going on and different preventions have been placed like washing your hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing daily. A larger amount has recovered, having different circumstances than others, compared to the number of deaths in our county. 

The coronavirus transmission affects the respiratory system, which can lead to organ damage, hospitalization, and even death if it gets worse. People supposedly couldn’t and still can’t attend funerals of the loved ones they lost from COVID-19 because it brought higher risk for them. Having no vaccinations or proper cure for it, lets it become a greater issue and spread quicker. 

“I had a really high fever and my throat felt terrible,” My friend’s brother, Samuel said. “I was surprised when I found out that I tested positive because I have a small group of friends, but it lasted for about a month from there.” He also mentioned taking the test twice, the second time was 15 days later. 

 As reported by the Virginia Department of Health, “You may have some or all of these symptoms: cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches, sore throat, the new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, headache, new fatigue, nausea or vomiting, and congestion or runny nose.” If people treat these symptoms the best they can, it is better for them and people who have been around, taking care of them. 

A close cousin, Natasha said, “I stayed in my room for about two weeks until the symptoms were improving and couldn’t smell or taste anything I was eating.” However, not everyone will show symptoms in that time period even if they have it and if one decides to go out, the people around them would most likely now be exposed to it.  

The flu season has arrived as well. Because the flu and the coronavirus have similar symptoms, it makes it hard to tell them apart which means getting a vaccine this year even more important. According to John Hopkins Medicine, “A flu outbreak in a location that’s also experiencing a lot of COVID-19 cases could overwhelm hospitals...and if you have the coronavirus and the flu at the same time, the resulting impact could be even more severe than having either infection alone.” If such a thing were to happen in Fresno, it would cause more deaths and it could possibly affect any age group. 

Since people in most areas are acting on the preventions, it is helping the spread slow down. Besides our daily lives changing, it already has a big impact on things like school, jobs, and small businessesStudents are adjusting to virtual learning while being at home, some have issues with their internet and keeping up with assignments while other individuals don’t have any at all. People with jobs maybe lost their job, are working from homeor go to their workplace with masks and most might have lower earnings so fewer people are workingAs for small businesses, they could be temporarily or permanently closed or could be facing financial difficulties