Is college worth attending?


Melanie Perez, Staff Writer

          Many students in high school right now are questioning whether attending college is a good fit for them or if they should take a different path. Most parents and family members lecture their kids on the importance of education and getting a college degree because it is the key to the gate of an amazing ever-lasting career and life-long financial wealth. Naturally going to college and receiving a college degree has been presented as an important task to everyone. However, in the long run, the demand for a college degree will decrease. 

As the evolution of technology rises and as computers take over the positions of many workers, a degree will not be as valuable. In fact, there are many people who have been successful without a college degree and many jobs that do well without needing a college degree. College causestress and overwhelms students with loads of work.  Also, students without financial resources may get drowned in debt and loans by college. According to, “Attending college can cost about $26,000 at a four-year college.”

However, attending college also has many benefits such as furthering your education, more job opportunities, new experiences, and learning life skills.

A person with a college degree also earns a greater salary than a person with only a high school diploma working the same job. According to, “The average college graduate earns a salary that is over $30,000 more than an average worker with only a high school diploma.”Whether you attend college or not mainly depends on the career you want and if you’re sure about what career you want. Being uncertain of your career when entering college and then switching paths midway will make you lose money and time. 

Attending college is controversial and has many pros and cons. So, whether you attend or not is up to youbut kept in mind the career you want and if it’s worth going to college for it.