Should sports be practicing right now? Safety guidelines? 

Should sports be practicing right now? Safety guidelines? 

April Vang, Staff Writer

Sports should not be practicing during this timeeven for pros. For the sake of people’s lives, it’s important to stay safe rather than to put you or others at risk. As much as you may love playing sports, you should have some empathy. It’s better to base your actions on how it may affect others around you.  

Sports like football, soccer, and cheerleading are all contact sports. How will you protect yourself from spreading germs? Wearing mask and using hand sanitizer? Sports require moving around and that’s when you start having a difficult time breathing. Obviously, you can’t wear a mask while playing or else you’ll suffocate yourself. Hand sanitizeralso can’t be carried in a game as wellYou cannot thoroughly protect yourself while playing in a sport. Masks, hand sanitizers, and distancing won’t work. 

For sports like badminton, tennis, and hockey, there is less contact which will have a low risk of covid-19. However, the exchanging of equipment like rackets will spread germs. No matter the sport, there will always be a risk of catching covid-19, which is why I do not support sports continuing during this pandemicIf my reasons weren’t convincing enough, here are some safety tips that you should consider and follow if you are wanting to join a sport or already practicing in a sport.  


Safety Tips: 

  • Bring extra masks and hand sanitizers 
  • Bring your own equipment and avoid sharing equipment 
  • Stay home if sick 
  • Instead of going to practice with teammates, practice in your own space, for example your backyard or a park nearby with very little people 
  • Avoid high fives, fist bumps, or any kind of handshake 
  • Wash hands before and after practice 
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use 
  • Limit visitors and spectators 
  • Practice in a big area where there’s greater air exchange 
  • Bring your own water 
  • Don’t share any clothing, towels, food, and drinks 
  • When sneezing, use a tissue or the inside of your elbow 
  • Used tissues should be thrown away after and you must wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or use a 60% alcohol hand sanitizer