Edison Wrestling FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Athletics at EHS


Hovhannes Torikyan and Phoenix Kerns

Edison Offers Wrestling as a sport student can partake in. To get started contact the wrestling coach at Edison and from there you’ll see how to get more deeply involved. The varsity head wrestling coach is Greg Scott, and this is his email address for further information [email protected]. 

Wrestling is a one-on-one sport where you and your opponent go head-to-head in a small circle on a mat, trying to use various techniques and moves to either pin your opponent to win or score more points than your opponent to win. Wrestling is as mentally vigorous as it is physically, you must be able to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and counter with moves equal in power. 

Various equipment is used in wrestling, such as the mat. The mat not only sets the boundaries of the match, it also is meant to protect the wrestlers. Equipment also includes a Wrestling Singlet, Wrestling Headgear, Wrestling Shoes, Wrestling Kneepads, Mouth Guards, and Wrestling Bands. 

Costs for wrestling in High School are inexpensive compared to other sports. The registration fee is generally $100-$175, this includes the uniform, apparel, etc. You do have to pay for your own equipment which the prices of can vary. 

For Edison the Varsity Head Coach is Greg Scott and his email is [email protected]. If you would like a general overview on some information about wrestling in general, then this site can help https://www.tutorialspoint.com/.  



Q.1) How can I learn more about the Edison High wrestling team?

A) You can ask either any of your wrestling friends or contact the wrestling coach at [email protected] .

Q.2) Where can I find a list of rules that the Edison wrestling follows?

A) Edison High wrestling follows normal wrestling rules, which can be found here.

Q.3) What are the physical requirements to join the wrestling team?

A) There are no physical requirements to join the wrestling team, however you cannot wrestle if you are 285 pounds or more, as this is the highest weight class. However, even if you are over 285 pounds or more, you can still join the team and the coaches will be glad to get you back in shape.

Q.4) Is it too late to join the wrestling team?

A) The season has been postponed to the spring and there are no practices yet, so yes, you can still join the team.

Q.5) What time and what days is wrestling practice on?

A) When COVID was not here yet and practice was still going, practice would be on Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM to 5/6 PM.

Q.6) What are the grade requirements to be on the wrestling team?

  1. A) Must have at least a 2.0 GPA to stay in the team.

Q.7) How much money does it cost to join the wrestling team?

  1. A) No money is required to join the team as everything will be provided by the team. It is recommended that you buy your own wrestling shoes but if financial issues arise, the coaches can loan you wrestling shoes if any are available.

Q.8) How is Edison wrestling affected by COVID?

A) Due to wrestling being a very high contact sport, there are no practices yet and the season has been postponed to the spring, with the first practices probably being in late January to early February.

Q.9) When does wrestling season start and end?

A) If it wasn’t for COVID, wrestling season would already be in play right now but due to COVID, it has been postponed to the Spring Season with the first matches being in March of 2021.

Q.10) How often do injuries occur at Edison wrestling

A) Injuries are not a rare occurrence in wrestling. If you are careful, you likely won’t get injured, maybe a burn from the mat at most. However, some students do get sprained ankles or fingers, broken bones, cauliflower ear, and other injuries one can attain from wrestling.