Badminton FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About EHS Sports


April Vang, Staff Writer

Do you need experience to join badminton?

No, you do not need to have experience with badminton. The coaches will teach you everything about the basics, how to hold a racket correctly, how to position yourself, using the right footsteps, etc.

Are there any cuts?

No there are no cuts. Everybody who comes to practice and has their physical forms filled out will automatically make the team.

What will be needed in order to play Badminton?

  • Badminton racket
  • Shuttlecock
  • Badminton team uniform (either JV or Varsity uniform) if playing in an actual game
  • A court with net set up

Will you need your own equipment?

No, you do not need your own equipment, the coach will have rackets, nets, and uniforms prepared for you, but as of right now with covid-19 spreading, it is safer to bring your own equipment.

How do I join?

To join the team, you can contact the head coach of badminton, Coach Riddle ([email protected]) or the Edison athletic director, Hector Verduzco ([email protected]).

How big is a badminton court?

A badminton court can size up to 5.18 m in width and 13.4 m in total length.

Where does practice take place?

Practice will take place in the gym.

How does the coach divide people into JV and Varsity?

The coach will be putting you into varsity if your skills are more “advanced” than others, and if you still need a little more work you will be placed in JV to learn more about basics. However, those results are not permanent and if your skills improve, you have a chance of getting pulled up to the varsity team.

What are the basic rules and facts of badminton?

There are two different types of games:

  • Singles
  • Doubles
  • To score a point the shuttlecock must hit within the parameters of the opponent’s court
  • Must serve underarm and below the waist, you cannot hit over the arm when serving
  • You must serve diagonally across the net to the opponent
  • Each game will start with a toss to determine you serves first
  • If the player hits outside of the parameters of the court, the opponent gains a point
  • If a player touches the net with their racket or body, the opponent gains a point
  • You can only touch the shuttlecock once, if you or your player helps the shuttlecock over the net, that will not be allowed, and the opponent will automatically gain a point
  • Each game will be watched and scored by a player from the opponent team, no cheating will be allowed
  • If a player serves and the shuttlecock falls short of the serve line, then it is your point
  • Say you and your opponent’s score before serving
  • Serve from the right side of the court of your score is even and the left if odd
  • If you serve and win the rally, your partner will not serve for you, you will have to keep switching places until the opponent gains a point and if you win the next point, it will switch off to your partner
  • Must serve behind the serve line and make it over the net and opponents serve line,the%20other.%20There%20are%20no%20…%20More%20items

What is the difference between singles and doubles?

Singles is where two people play, so one person will play on one side of the court and one the other. Doubles will be played by four people, so two people will play on one side of the court and two in the other.

How do you win in Badminton?

You will win if you reach 21 points before the opponent team. A good tip in winning is to consider serving the birdie close to the net but also making it past the opponent’s serve line, so the opponent won’t have a chance to smash it down. Serving underhand might give the opponent the chance to smash it down, so it’s good to send the shuttlecock far so the opponent will have to a few steps back. Another good winning strategy is to tire out your opponents by hitting to the opposite sides of the court and faking a “hard looking hit” into a soft one.

How do you lose?

You lose when the opponent team reaches 21 points before you.