Track & Field FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About EHS Sports


Jordan Jackson, Staff Writer

Where did track and field originate from? 

Track and field is a sport first established in GreeceWith its first organized events recorded in 776 BC Olympia.,was%20contested%3A%20the%20stadion%20footrace 

What are the rules of track and field? 

When competing in running events like the relay, you must pass metal tubes called a baton swiftly and easily to your teammate and wait for an official’s starter gun to go off before taking off. In field events, don’t interfere with an event and avoid fouling,metal%20tube%2C%20to%20other%20teammates 

Where can you sign up at Edison high school? 

Usually, you can go to the athletic director, [email protected], and ask for the head coach, but you should just go out to practice and tell the coaches what you want tdo, and you are set from there.  

Where is practice held? 

On the track, behind the black top with all the big stadium lights watching over it. It is hard to miss. 

Can athletes get a scholarship for track and field in college?

Definitely, track and field athletes are eligible for scholarships in NCAA programs.,stand%2Dout%20student%2Dathletes.  

How can the team work together during events? 

Athletes compete individually but that does not stop them from trying to make the sport a group effort. With my team, we do our warmups together, sign up for our events together, and practice before an event starts together. Those things count has teamwork. 

How many events can an athlete compete in? 

An athlete can compete in up to four different events. Just be careful to sign up for every single one you do and make sure the official of your event knows you are present. 

How long do track meets last? 

Meets can be hours long and every event has to be finished and accounted for.  

What do you have to place to receive a medal?  

A gold medal is awarded to the winner of the event, silver to the runner up (2nd place), and bronze to the person in third place. If you didn’t place in the top 3, from my experience you may or may not receive a ribbon for whatever place you came in. 

What type of gear is need for track and field?  

For whatever event or events, you participate in. You will need the equipment used in that particular event. For example, if you are a sprinter you will need spikes and blocks, if you are a thrower you will need throwing shoes, and if you want, your own disc or shot. Lastly if you are a jumper, you will need jumping shoes.