Frequently Asked Questions About EHS Sports


Sergio Romero, Staff Writer


How do I join?  

  1. You can either contact a player and they will get you in contact with a coach, ask the athletic director Mr. Verduzco in the Science Building, or look on the Edison website for the varsity coaches, Coach Rold, email 


Who do I contact? 

  1. You can contact Coach Rold ([email protected]) or the athletic director, Mr. Verduzco, ([email protected]) or a player for information 


What GPA is required in order to play? 

  1. You need at least a 2.50 GPA in order to play 


Do I need to complete any paperwork or physicals? 

  1. You need to complete a physical at a doctor’s office and a Family ID (https://www.familyid.com/organizations/edison-high-school only complete the Family ID If you are new) 


Do you need playing experience or knowledge of the game? 

  1. You do need knowledge of the game, but you do not need any playing experience, but the coaches prefer you do. 


What is conditioning and when does it start? 

  1. Conditioning is going to the field or weight room with the team and coaches and getting into shape for the season and that generally starts around halfway through the first quarter. 


How many teams are there? 

  1. There are varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams. 


Are there tryouts or players cut? 

  1. There are tryouts the second week back from winter break and they usually last 3-4 days to determine what team you are placed on. There are no cuts but players move between the different teams 


How many positions are there to play? 

  1. There are 9 different positions and the position you will play is determined in tryouts. 


When does the season start? 

  1. Usually, the season starts in mid-February, but COVID restrictions have canceled practice and the 2021season so far.  


Does everyone get playing time? 

  1. It depends on the situation of the game, but generally, everyone gets a chance to play 


How many games are played? 

  1. Varsity plays around 30 games in a season.


Do I need to buy equipment or is it provided? 

  1. The only thing you really need to buy is a glove/mitt and cleats. Everything else is provided and bats are shared. 


What do I wear to practice? 

  1. A “workout shirt”, baseball pants, baseball socks, cleats, and a baseball hat. Bring your own glove. You are able to buy cleats, practice shirts, and get a new hat a week or two after tryouts.