I Recommend: Publishing Poetry

The Top 3 Poetry Websites to Use 


Mckalah Jimenez, Staff Writer


Poetry is another way to communicate with the outside world or to anyone in general. Poetry is a great aspect of life for those who love to write or even read it. Personally, I am a true poet at heart, and it is my passion to eventually become an accomplished poet soon. These websites I will be listing are super great for all types of poetry. I hope you like them and always write your little heart out. 


Pongo Teen Writing http://pongoteenwriting.com/ 

Pongo is a website that helps teens and young adults who are going through some terrible events during their life, tunnel all their emotions into diverse types of prompts for poems. One of the leading coordinators, Shaun McMichael, is one of the supporting staff members for the website, who I have had the honor to work with for the past 3 to 4 years. I recommend this website for anyone who loves to write about mental illness, history of abuse, or any type of poetry that takes a deeper look into what happens to teens who are afraid to speak up. 



Motion Poems https://www.motionpoems.org/ 

Motion poems is another great website to write poetry. The website is clean and organized, which I find especially useful only because you would not get lost and would not have trouble finding what you are looking for. 



Poets and Writers https://www.pw.org/ 

Now, this is a website that can help both poets and authors without any biased opinions. I have not really done that much writing for P&W, but I love how they formulate the different type of concepts a writer should know about the materials they use.