I Recommend: Underrated Movies

Top Ten (Actually) Underrated Movies to Binge in Quarantine  


Armani Moore, Staff Writer


Picture this: You are at your friend’s house, and you two are both looking for something to watch. Out of nowhere, she jumps up, practically knocking you out of your seat. “Oh!” She exclaims, “There’s this really underrated movie we should watch.” Intrigued, you respond with a “What?’ Pausing for dramatic effect, she looks at you and says, “That third Twilight movie.” 

A moment worth an eye-roll response, right? 


Look: no hate to Twilight, it’s an entertaining franchise, but, in terms of popularity, no Twilight movie is nowhere near underrated, (some may argue that it is even overrated, but that’s a conversation for a different day). The “least popular” film made $408 million in U.S. box offices alone, for crying out loud. 

That’s why today, I (a self-proclaimed movie buff with a lot of extra time on her hands) will be listing some of what I believe are the most underrated movies of the past few years. These movies all made either less than $20 million in box offices, had a budget of less than $1 million, or had less than or equal to a 7-star rating on IMBD.com.  


Now, without further ado, here is a list of ten underrated movies you should totally binge-watch while in quarantine.  


1. Columbus 

Available to Watch on: Amazon Prime Video 


Coursing with stunning visuals and little, yet impactful, dialogue, the 2017 drama “Columbus” takes a unique look at emotions and human interaction. Casey (Haley Lu Richardson) and Jin (John Cho) are both brought to the city of Columbus, Ohio for their own reasons, and while there, cross paths. As their situations become more complicated, the two use each other as support systems and try to make sense of it all. 



2. Set It Up 

Available to Watch on: Netflix 


A film for lovers of cheesy, romance movies, this 2018 modern rom-com centers in on two overworked and underpaid assistants Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) who devise a plot to get their bosses to start dating to decrease their workload. As their plan proves to be a difficult one, though, Harper and Charlie begin to form a relationship of their own. 


3. Goodnight Mommy 

Available to Watch on: Tubi, Pluto TV 


This intense 2017 horror film follows bound-at-the-hip twins Elias and Lukas (Elias and Lukas Schwarz) as they welcome their mom (Susanne West) home from reconstructive surgery. But with her face in bandages, and her once warm demeanor turned cold, they soon grow wary of her, and question whether the woman who came into their home is actually their mother.  


4. Senna 

Available to Watch on: Amazon Prime Video 

A fast-paced, exciting sports documentary, “Senna” retells the story of Formula One Racing champion, Aryrton Senna. Detailing his rise to stardomSenna (played by French racing driver Alain Post) watches as his life takes a complete turn as he maneuvers through his newfound success in both his come country Brazil, and the world. 


5. Lake Mungo 

Available to Watch on: Tubi 

A must watch for psychological-thriller fans, this 2008 films centers on a family picking up the pieces of their life after their daughter drowns while swimming. While mourning their loss, they began to experience inexplicable events at their home, leading them to uncover new facts about what really happened to their daughter, and what is happening to them. 


6. Session 9 

Available to Watch on: Amazon Prime Video 

In the 2001 horror/mystery film Session 9, a group of asbestos workers get hired for a job at abandoned insane asylum. Expecting a normal night, the five workers hurry on with their firsts tasks, until their work is soon interrupted by the looming spirits of past, and angry, patients. 


7. To Sleep with Anger 

Available to Watch on:Vudu, Amazon Prime Video 

Recently selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, the 1990 drama “To Sleep with Anger” has proved itself to be a forgotten classic. The film follows Vagabond Harry (Danny Glover) who pays an unannounced visit old friend Gideon (Paul Butler), who generously excepts him into his already over-packed home. After his moving in, Gideon soon falls ill, and Vagabond decides to step into Gideon’s role within the household. His intentions in doing so are far from pure, though, and the consequences are devastating,.  


8. Miss Stevens 

Available to Watch on: Hulu, Tubi 

In this 201 drama/comedy or, “dramedy”, this film follows a high school English teacher Rachel Stevens (Lily Rabe) who becomes a chaperone for three students (Timothee Chalamet, Lili Reinhart, and Anthony Quintal) at a drama competition. As the time before the competition passes, Stevens gets a deeper understanding of each of her students, and the movie provides a sensitive yet eye-opening view on why everything is not always as it seems. 

 9. Freedom Writers 

Available to Watch on: Crackle, Amazon Prime Video 

This 2007 drama tells the story of real-life teacher Erin Gruwell (portrayed in the film by Hillary Swank) as she travels to Los Angeles and takes on the seemingly impossible task of teaching at-risk students deemed “unteachable” by her fellow teachers. Gruwell, though, does not back down, and as she gains a deeper understanding of her students and their stories, she connects with them on ways that change them all for the better. 


10. Upgrade 

Available to Watch on: Vudu, Amazon Prime Video 

This intense 2018 action film follows Grey Trace as a brutal mugging leaves him paralyzed and his wife dead. A billionaire inventor soon approaches Trace with a cure – an artificial intelligence plant called stem that will restore and enhance his body. Along with being able to walk again, Grey finds that he now has superhuman abilities – skills he uses to seek revenge against the criminal that destroyed his life.