I Recommend: Ice Cream

Best Flavors

Juliana Navarro, Staff Writer

 Everyone needs to know which flavors are the best because, who doesn’t love ice cream?

I chose a couple of my favorite ice cream flavors that I believe everyone with a sweet tooth would just enjoy. Although I chose some of my personal favorites, they are also some of the most widely popular flavors in the world. 

Here come the delicious top five: 

  1. Wild ‘N Reckless Sherbet

    Kristie Leyba

         Baskin-Robbins Wild ‘N Reckless Sherbet was my childhood favorite ice cream flavor and my favorite to this day. Wild ‘N Reckless has become an American favorite ever since Baskin-Robbins first opened up in 1945. This ice cream is a swirl of three different flavors: green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch. Although it is mainly a kid’s ice cream flavor, I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sweet and fruity flavors. 


  2) Vanilla 

Vanilla ice cream is a simple yet very tasty flavor, not just in my opinion, but among Americans it is one of the most popular flavors. Vanilla is not just popular because it is soft and creamy, but also due to its ability to improve desserts and treats such as pie, ice cream sandwiches, cake, etc. Fun fact, Thomas Jefferson helped to popularize this flavor in the United States when he wrote his own recipe (first known written recipe by an American) and in the year 1802 he served it at the President’s house in Washington. 

Source: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/thomas-jefferson-ice-cream-recipe-180975200/ 


3) Chocolate

Kristie Leyba

Another one of America’s most popular flavors, and a personal favorite of course, which has been popular in the United States since the late 19th century. There are many variations of this flavor that kick it up a notch, such as double fudge brownie (Dreyers) and chocolate therapy (Ben and Jerry’s), which consists of chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream. Chocolate ice cream is enjoyed by all ages because of the fact that the taste can be rich or light, depending on one’s preference. 


4) Cookies & Creme 

This mouth-watering flavor is popular among those who love milk and cookies, but I mean can you really blame them? The first batch of cookies and crème ice cream was made in 1979 by Joe Leedom, a dairy science student at South Dakota State University, and Shirley Seas, a manager at the campus dairy plant. Thank the lord for those folks who blessed us with one of the best ice cream flavors. 

Source: https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2017/12/26/flavor-born-sdsus-claim-cookies-and-cream-ice-cream/853002001/#:~:text=In%201979%2C%20Joe%20Leedom%20was,at%20the%20campus%20dairy%20plant. 


5) Coffee  

This delicious ice cream flavor has been around for many years, it became popular in 1869 when in fact it was first used in parfait. The flavor is rich and creamy, it can be enjoyed by both those people who drink coffee and those who don’t but enjoy the delectable flavor of the ice cream. 

Fun fact: September 6th is National Coffee Ice Cream Day 

 Source 1 https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/coffee-ice-cream-day/#:~:text=The%20addition%20of%20coffee%20into,was%20used%20in%20a%20parfait. 

Source 2: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-coffee-ice-cream-day-september-6/