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Top 5 Beginner-Friendly Houseplants 


Taylor Yang, Staff Writer


 Have you fallen into the COVID-19 rut? Watching the screen all day on the couch like a sack of potatoes because there is absolutely nothing to do? I know with social distancing keeping us in our homes we are constantly finding new hobbies to pick up and keep busy whether it’s baking bread or binging the latest Netflix series. I propose a new hobby–house plants! Here is a list of some of the easiest house plants for first-time plant mom and dads.  


1. Snake Plant 

Snake plants are an amazing first indoor plant because it’s nearly impossible to kill them. They thrive in all conditions. Bright lighting to even low lighting (in those dim corners of the house). Humidity is a friend, and they don’t require much wateringJust once every 2-3 weeks, sometimes even longer. Plus, they purify the air! 



2. ZZ Plant 

The ZZ plant is another house plant that thrives in low light (it can be pushed to the extremes in low lighting). However, it still loves bright light! It also requires very little watering, just once every 2 weeks, which can be stretched a little longer too. If taken care of well, this little guy can grow up to 2-3 feet tall. 



3. Ponytail Palm 

A ponytail palm is a type of succulent and as you can presume it can sustain in all types of lighting conditions but loves (and thrives inbright indirect sunlight. It only requires watering once every 2-3 weeks, great for people who forget to water their plants. It’s a hardy plant that’s got a fight to live, I promise you won’t kill it. Not to mention, it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing and a great plant to liven up any room. 



4. Spider Plant 

Spider plants are another beginner-friendly house plant that can survive neglect. Even if you think you have a black thumb, this plant will thrive. This specific plant does best in moderate to low lighting with little water. They are air purifying plants that remove toxins from the air AND are non-toxic to both pets and children. They are great hanging plants too. 




5. Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) 

Devil’s ivy is an extremely adaptable plant. It can be grown in a pot of soil or in a bowl of water. It loves high humidity but does well in dry environments as wellPothos don’t particularly like direct sunlight, they prefer bright indirect sunlight or low light.  This plant is better to under water than over water, it will let you know when it needs watering because its leaves will wilt. Also, make sure to let the soil dry in between watering days. Devil’s ivy is a beautiful indoor plant that grows long trailing vines (up to 8ft) that will perfectly spice up any room (especially in a hanging pot).