Dear Joe Biden

Voices from Your Generation


Juliana Navarro, Staff Writer

Dear Joe Biden, 

Before all else, I would to congratulate you, sir, on your victory in becoming our new U.S. President and hope you bring nothing but positivity into our community. As a voice of this generation, I would like to share some thoughts and requests, not only from myself but from the rest of America. 

An ideal and exemplary president must possess a strong vision for the country and the future that lies ahead. Having said that, I hope, as an American citizen, that you have a vision to help us clear the world of Covid-19 and the tragic problems it has caused in our society. I hope you will invest in research that will help us get through the coronavirus and with the creation of effective vaccines. What will your objective be regarding this global pandemic? I will be anticipating your plan and wondering how you will deal with managing a crisis. A great suggestion I have for you, Mr. Biden, is that you consider giving paid family leave during this pandemic. This will give families the opportunity to stay home, with pay, if they or a family member are experiencing health issues regarding Covid-19. Some families that struggle with money can’t just miss out on work because they must feed their families and pay things such as bills, which are crucial. 

In what ways will you be unlike our past president? I hope, as well, that you make just choices that benefit both Republicans and Democrats, which will avoid biased issues. Additionally, health care is something that needs to be well thought out because you must find the best way to give care to all people and figure out a way to avoid our growing debt. 

A big wish I have is that we give more protection to those who are victims of domestic violence, so they are able to seek help to prevent dangerous situations. Immigration also needs to be better regulated and investing in it will definitely help get it under control. 

Many people in the U.S. would agree that climate change is something that needs to be taken care of and we will be awaiting your plan on how to regulate this issue as well. My advice is to just prioritize restoring confidence in our economy and our political system; however, this shall not be done in an unsavory manner. I am eager to see what changes await our country and how you improve our world in the four-year term that you will be president. 

Best of luck to you and to our new vice president, Kamala Harris, as well. 



Juliana Navarro