A Letter to the New President/ Vice President 

Voices From Your Generation


Lily Garcia, Staff Writer


Dear Mr. President and Ms. Vice President,  

As you know you have won the election, congratulations. You have won the battle, but as you enter these next four years, I ask you what your plans are to win the war.

I would like to know how you plan to deal with COVID-19? As you have seen since we discovered COVID, we have not had the best results compared to our other countries. COVID is the main component in our life now that controls how we can live. It has taken life after life with no mercy towards its victims or their friends and family. So now I am asking you what steps you will take to help protect America from COVID-19? I hope that whatever plans you do have are well thought out and can be backed up with research so that we can hopefully see good results in the future.

I’m also curious as to what you plan to make America less divided? In the last year, America has been more divided than ever between politics and racism. Americans just can’t seem to agree on one matter. So, what would you as President and Vice President do so that we can be one nation again? To be America, which everyone knows as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Some advice I would give you as a young citizen of the United States is to listen to the people. They will tell you their wants and needs, and how you can help them.

Another piece of advice is to listen to your youth. Don’t dismiss us just because we are young like it or not, we are the future. We are the world’s future leaders just waiting for our chance to show everyone, so give us the chance to show you.

Since we are on the topic of youth, what are your plans for college? Will you help bring the cost down so that more people have access to attend? I know that personally, college is something I would like to attend because I’m scared that I will become a statistic of a college student coming out with more college debt than I spend on actual college. So how will Mr. President and Mrs. Vice President help future generations deal with college and all the expenses that come with it?

Speaking about the future, what are your plans to help our planet? The Earth is not heading in the best direction when it comes to the ecosystem and it won’t last long if we don’t do anything about it. The Earth is dying faster because of us, so what will you do to help America be more eco-friendly? 

Lastly, I would like to say to all the people that vote for you show them that they didn’t make a mistake and that you were the right choice. At the same time, show all the people that didn’t vote for you that they made a mistake and that you were the right choice all along. 

Yours sincerely, 

Lily Garcia