Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris

Voices From Your Generation

Phoenix Kerns, Staff Writer

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris, 

America is not in a great place and will not be for a long time. However, I am hoping you could speed up that process of flipping America onto its feet over the next four years. Of course, that starts with the Coronavirus and dealing with that. The most important thing you can do is limit the spread as much as possible while a vaccine is made. 

Next, I am hoping for real results and real changes. By the end of the presidential term, I want to be able to see good changes to what you will be trying to impact. There’s no point in being president if you don’t do anything good with it.  

Personally, I am hoping for some positive impacts on the less supported areas of America. For example, there are some areas in California that need help and funding. And supporting the homeless in America is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed further. More community charities and school funding would be helpful as well. In general, more community support, especially for those of us struggling in neighborhoods not funded or as well-kept as others. 

Also, we need to change some of the systems in America that are out of date and do not work. For example, the American school system needs an update, the education students are getting hasn’t been changed in a long time and needs to be brought into the 21st century. The education students are getting and how they are getting it needs a look and changes need to be made. Most students believe what they are learning won’t apply in today’s day and age or their life and find themselves not knowing how to live as an adult in society. One could say basic life skills, creativity, and expression are neglected in the education system and students must find themselves after the crucial period of finding themselves because they have homework to do. I am not saying to get rid of our schools or create perfect schools, but there is a reason most students are reported depressed and unmotivated and it’s not because they don’t have enough to do. 

The next generation and the ones after are deserving of a passionate, creative, and up to date education system that’ll prepare them for basic adulthood while allowing them to become who they want to be without feeling overwhelmed or suffocated. 

America needs solutions and changes; you may not provide every answer but personally I am hoping for some real changes that’ll bring everyone forward. What I want from you and every President and Vice President in the future is something to be done that will lead to positive change whether immediate or something that will take time. It doesn’t matter to me either way, all that matters is working towards a United States that is better than it once was. 




Phoenix Kerns