Back to School?

It’s Different, But We Love Our Campus

Lucine La Porta, Editor/Writer

As we return to Edison’s campus, we can clearly notice that some things have changed. Pre pandemic students were allowed to eat and walk anywhere they wanted. Today things are much different.  

Stepping back onto Edison’s campus gave students a sense of returning to normality. After a year of looking at a computer screen, it feels good to see teachers and students in person. Normally a classroom at Edison is packed to the brim with students, most classes have 28+ kids while others can have up to 35. In this hybrid model of school, there are only 3-7 kids in one classroom at a time. In the W building, there are certain paths that you must follow, one set of doors for entering and the other set for exiting the building.    

As soon as you enter campus it is expected that one has their mask on the entire time. During class and break, students wear their masks unless they are eating or drinking water. There is a maximum of 2 people allowed in the bathroom at one time. In the past students were allowed to eat in teachers’ classrooms and in the cafeteria, right now, students must eat outside distanced from one another.   

On the ground of Edison, there are messages in chalk to keep students happy and hopeful, there are also signs that direct us in which way to go and how far apart we should be. Around campus, there are also welcome signs and posters reminding us to sanitize. Edison and Fresno Unified are trying to find the best way to keep students and staff safe and able to stay on campus.