Going Back To School Opinions 


Jordan Jackson, Staff Writer

     Fresno Unified has opened its schools back up to the public. As of April 13th, high school and elementary students are making their way into the classrooms if they choose too. It is no surprise that students are excited to return, but it will not be a normal one. Face mask, social distancing, and other Covid 19 precautions will be required. However, the arrival of students back to school is a start to returning to normalcy again. To better understand this highly anticipated recovery. I had the chance to interview two students from Edison High School, Alaysia Malone and Ashley Carrillo. Here is what they had to say. 

Interview Responses: 

What does it feel like to be back at school? 

Alaysia: “It’s very peaceful and easy. I am able to focus.”  

Ashley: “For me, it felt kind of good to be back. I missed socializing and being able to step out of the house because online school made me unmotivated to keep going especially with how my personal life was going.” 


Did you ever think you would return? 

Alaysia: “No not really, I thought I would miss a whole year on campus because Covid rates were high.”  

Ashley: “To be honest with you, no. I thought staying home online was going to be the best decision for me. Thinking it was just get up, turn in the assignments and I’d be good.” 


What is class like? 

Alaysia: “It is awkward, not that many of us kids and all we use is technology.”  

Ashley: “Just how I expected it to be. There’s barely any people but it’s nice being able to meet my teachers in person.” 


Did friends of yours return as well? 

Alaysia: “Yeah a few, majority have cohort A. So, cohort B for me is boring and lonely.” 

Ashley: “Yeah, a couple of them did.” 


What are the precautions Edison High is taking in order to keep you safe? 

Alaysia: “social distancing and mask on at all times and sanitize before and during every class.” 

Ashley: “Besides the 6ft rule, they have us sit where the stickers are for the benches. We clean our desk, and it’s a max of two people in the bathroom.” 


How did your parents feel about your return to school? 

Alaysia: “They felt it was good and what was best for me.” 

Ashley: “At first they didn’t want me to go but seeing how my personal life was affecting me and my grades they thought it was like a breath of fresh air, but also thought I needed to get out and socialize a bit because it would help.”  

Due to Covid 19, this year has been a stressful one, but it is great to see some type of progress towards making things normal again. As we continue to move forward. We hope that in the future all students will return back to school.