Keep Yourself and Others Protected 

Return to Campus Tips

Phoenix Kerns, Staff Writer

Since schools are bringing back in-person learning students, teachers, and parents should know how to stay safe and prevent any spread of Covid-19. The CDC has issued some guidelines to follow, but there are many tips to follow so you can lower the risk of spreading as much as possible. 

Most of us know about being 6 feet apart and having our face masks above our noses, but there’s more to do that’ll keep you safe. For one, cleaning and disinfecting as much as possible, especially for those back to in-person learning who must be in classrooms and closed environments. Along with cleaning, when in hallways try to follow a one-way traffic system to allow for distance between yourself and others. However, one great way to avoid contracting Covid-19 is to get vaccinated, so make sure to get that done as soon as possible.  

For those on the fence about going back to in-person learning, you must understand hybrid learning and the risks. With hybrid learning, you are going back to school half of the week and online at home the other half of the week. Everyone has their own situation so you must consider it for yourself and weigh the risks as there’s always a risk when stepping outside your home, so be cautious and try to stay safe. 

We all want things to go back to normal, and how we do that is if we all contribute and do our part. Whether it’s staying home, properly wearing face masks and distancing from others, or disinfecting any surface you encounter. Hopefully, you learned some new tips that’ll help you in staying safe and be sure to get vaccinated as soon as possible.