All opinions about the school reopening!


Julio Arevalo, Staff Writer

The reopening of the school commenced on April 6th, and it has gone smoothly for the teachers and the students for the time being. School has opened at Edison Highschool in small cohorts with students only being allowed on campus for two days a week, this means that class will still be mostly online for all students since Monday is an online day. This reopening of school will be good for the students who need that extra push to focus or stay motivated during school because being in a classroom encourages students to focus on the work that is given, and it leads to more participation overall. There are many reasons to return to school this spring, but there are also many reasons not to return to school, FUSD and Edison did a very good job with this reopening plan because it does not force any students to return to school if they feel it is unnecessary or if they are uncomfortable with the prospects of doing so. 

Throughout this article, students explain why they would want to go back to school and why students would want to stay at home, while also giving opinions that students gave to why or why not they prefer to go back to school. 

Students who have chosen to go to in-person instruction believe that it is a very good option for people who are not motivated enough to do their school work or someone who wants to see people again in school. Morgan Yoder believes that in-person school is important for kids because they need that extra push in the class and if they are in-person school would be better and that kids would learn more. Going back to school is a choice that depends on the situations of many kids because some kids do not have the best environment at home and returning to school would help them get away from that environment and give them the opportunity to focus on their classes. 

While a fair number of students chose to return to school the large majority of students decided to stay online and there are many reasons that students felt this way. Many students believed that returning to school was not worth it because there are less than 7 weeks left in the school year and they would rather just finish online than go in person where everything is new.

Many students also felt that the transportation to school wasn’t worth it for them because they would get more time to themselves if they stayed online. The main consensus among students who stayed online was that they would rather wait it out and return to school in the next school year rather than try out a new system that was pushed out very quickly.

Emily Vang (a student at Edison High) believes that staying at home is the best option for her because she values time to herself and she thinks that returning to classes so close to the end of the school year is not worth the effort or the or the fear of contracting covid. There are many different opinions on returning to school, but the large majority of students decided to stay at home, returning to school is a good option for many, but it is a very good thing that Edison did not force any students to return to school.