Football Returns


Carlos Cortes Manzo, Staff Writer

Whether it’s track soccer or football, Edison has teams filled with strong players who are always ready to for an intense game. Quarter 1 includes Football and Basketball. If you are interested in joining either of these or any other sport in general, make sure you go down to the administration office to pick up your physical form. On another note, it appears that a lot of students and people are confused about how sports are going to go this year. Now that we are back in person it’s more complicated to set up games and have students show up to these games.  

As for football new, Edison’s football team played against Bakersfield on August 27, 2021. Though we lost, our football team stayed strong, and we are ready for another game this week. Also, this Friday (September 3) there is a theme, White lies. This means that this Friday bring your plain white ties and write an obvious lie on it. There will also be white face paint being painted on students during lunch on that Friday. One football player, Junior Isaiah Chavez,  had this to say about football this year: 

Have you reconsidered joining the football team because of COVID? 

  • Isaiah: “Yeah, since COVID was getting worse and worse I was tempted to quit for the safety of myself and my family:” 

Any rivalries this year? 

  • Isaiah: “Bullard for Sure” 

What made you want to join the football team and is this your first year joining? 

  • Isaiah: “This isn’t my first year playing football, I joined back in 7th grade. I only joined the team back then to hang out with my friends, I didn’t take it seriously. But then the more and more I realized I love the game and I worked harder and harder and it molded me into the person I am today, so I wanted to play in order to better myself overall.”