K. Leyba

Student in class on campus.

Alfredo Delgado, Staff Writer


Having spent the last year online the switchback into person took a bit to get used to again. The school day is longer, and the remainder of the day feels shorter. What do students think about the whole ordeal? 

I interviewed five Students about the situation, and most of them had the same answer or responses. 

Rafael, Junior based in Fresno replied when asked if he had any thoughts on the topic “It’s a good thing and it’s helped me a lot with focusing on class because last year my grades tanked a bit.”  

“I think it will shut down because it’s kind of impossible to stop the spread of the virus especially since it’s really confined and doesn’t allow for social distancing.” 

He said he prefers In-Person Learning rather than Distance Learning. 

Noah Brandis, also a Junior based in Fresno thought “maybe a hybrid of both, they have pros and cons online school is easier but gets lonely at times, and in person school is hard, the hours are too long, but you get to see friends.” His view on the situation was also realistic, also thinking it would shut down eventually, 

“I think more people need to get vaccinated, especially the younger kids I think there was a new vaccine for them in September, the school is probably going to shut down again, but it was nice to see friends.” 

Noah also preferred in person but knew the reality of the situation. 

Alejandro Del toro, another Junior believed we would get shut down again, “Hell Yeah! Any reason? Everyone’s so close together.” He also found parts of Distance Learning that he enjoyed, “Distance Learning wakes up at 9 and ends sooner so it’s pretty damn nice.” 

Javier Matildes, yet another Junior thought, “it’s s*** it’s so bad!” When asked if school would Close, he replied “Yes, and there’s gonna be lawsuits.” 

  1. another 11thgrader felt that “He’d prefer it because,” I can play video games during class and generally would like to get out of school sooner than we do now.” When asked if School would close again A. answered, “I think it will, and I prefer distance.”

These are just a handful of the thousands of Students that attend Edison High School, while most probably share the same views and thoughts on the situation there are still outliers and factors that can form people’s opinions contrary to their peers. Most people are sure that school sooner or later will get shut down again and long-Distance Learning will Be how we spend the rest of our year.