New School Day


Quincy Miller, Staff Writer

Are students and teachers happy about the new school day? 

There were many things that changed over Distance Learning and IN-Person school since Covid hit. People learned more about themselves and grew as people, but we came back for a big surprise at school. We learned that the schedule underwent some major changes that came as a shock that required some adjustments.

Each class was now an hour long and the lunch was shortened. I reached out to some of the student body to figure out what they thought about these big changes.

The first person I talked to, named Antonio, said that he dislikes the longer school days because he felt that the teachers didn’t know what to do with some of the time and that his bus got here even later. While the other student I talked to Jack J. said that he thought the extra time wasn’t accomplishing what it had set out to do as there was very little review that would have recovered the information we had lost. He also thought that the shortened lunch negatively impacted students as they had less time available to go have a one on one with their teacher or go retake a test.

I didn’t stop at students as everyone could predict that the students wouldn’t like longer periods and shorter lunches. So, I asked a teacher what she thought. Mrs. Burkheart kept it short and sweet saying, “Not a fan. Break is too late and getting out is not preferable.” This came as a big surprise learning that even the teachers didn’t like this change.

It’s very rare to find the two groups so united and that is something to think about when we consider how this is affecting both students and teachers.