Information Needed


Hudson Browning, Staff Writer

Information is something we need and use in everyday life and is important for it to run smoothly. However, it seems that in recent times information has become scarce at Edison. It can be difficult for students to get information, especially while on campus. It can be frustrating for students who this is their first year on campus. Not knowing what’s going on at a school with the largest student population in the valley means kids can miss out on a lot of potential opportunities. Especially early in the year with important events like Homecoming, Back to School Night, and Sporting events. This can also have a negative effect on clubs, not having the information necessary to conduct meetings or advertise to students can lead to the end of the club. How many students know how to get in contact with their counselor, or how to try out for sporting events. Information is important as well as communicating it to those who need it. There are many ways to get the information like the school website, the morning announcements, the school newspaper, or asking faculty. But this year with changes like a lack of announcements during 4th*, being unable to access school social media accounts while on campus, and the difficulty that can come with trying to meet a school admin, it can be difficult to get any information. 



*Announcements have resumed since written