Student Athlete Challenges

Jada Shorte, Staff Writer

If you are considering joining the Edison volleyball team next season there is lots to think about. Due to covid precautions and the construction of the gym lots have changed from a normal season. There are many transportation issues which cause the student-athlete to miss even more school. I would say it is much harder to play volleyball at this time than it would have been pre covid.  


If you did not already know, the gym is not currently usable. They are reconstructing to make a better place for students that attend Edison to do their physical activities. So, you may be curious how that works for indoor sports like volleyball and basketball. Well, as of right now Jv and Frosh are having their practices at Computech, while varsity practices at Gaston. Other than the fact that they must practice with a middle school size game net that would be okay, however, there are many other problems with this. Volleyball is the same season for middle and high school, meaning the gym is unavailable for the ideal time. Student-athletes must practice from 5-7pm. Many do not get home until late and struggle with keeping up with their homework. Staying at school from 8am-7pm is not easy.    


Players have games 2 days a week. Due to the schedule of the bus, they must get picked up during or right after 4th period, depending on the location of the game. That is a lot of missed classwork, especially since this happens not once but twice a week. After students get to the school the game is being held at, they must wait around 3 hours before even the frosh game starts. That is a lot of missed work to be sitting doing nothing so currently athletes spend it catching up on homework However, that is all just to repeat the same thing next game.